Academic Courses

Year 1

CDEN 701 Clinical Scientific Inquiry (Dr. Eli Schwarz & Dr. Jay Anderson)
CDEN 705 Orientation to Professionalism in Dentistry (Mark Mitchell)
CDEN 711 Principles of Public Health &Preventive Dentistry (Dr. Richie Kohli)
CDEN 712 Healthcare Systems - Finance &Delivery (Dr. Michael Plunkett)
CDEN 750 History of Dentistry (Dr. Eli Schwarz)

Year 2

CDEN 700A Health Promotion & Cultural Competency (Dr. Richie Kohli)
CDEN 730 Health Related Behaviors (Dr. Richie Kohli)

Year 3

CDEN 700B & 700C Health Promotion & Cultural Competency (Dr. Richie Kohli)
CDEN 723 Geriatric Oral Health (Dr. Richie Kohli)
CDEN 732A Practice Administration - Introduction (Dr. Phyllis Beemsterboer)
CDEN 732B Practice Administration - Business Foundations (Dr. Phyllis Beemsterboer)
CDEN 732C Practice Administration - Legal and Risk Management (Dr. Phyllis Beemsterboer)

Year 4

CDEN 700D Health Promotions & Cultural Competency (Dr. Richie Kohli)
CDEN 702 Ethics in Dentistry (Dr. Phyllis Beemsterboer)

Year 4 Clinical Rotation

CDEN 740 Community Based Rotations Required (Ms. Jill Mason)


CDEN 744 Community Based Rotation Elective (Ms. Jill Mason)

Course outlines can be found on the Current Students Curriculum Page.