Trip plan on the go

Apps from OHSU and third party developers to help you plan your best trip.

Mobile Friendly Websites

No download required. Simply visit by smartphone and save to your home screen.

trimet mobile

TriMet Mobile

Transit: From a smartphone, the main website functions as a mobile app, no installation required.


OHSU Bike Programbike app


Campus Bird

OHSU Interactive Map

On campus: 3D buildings and information on parking, buildings, food and more.


tram app

Go By Tram

Portland Aerial Tram: location, schedule, events and more.

OHSU Transportation Websites

These desktop-friendly pages are essential for planning your commute to OHSU:

Transportation & Parking:
Plan your best trip by seeing all our resources in one place.

Transit Program:
Trip plan, transit lines, and subsidized passes.

Park and Ride:
Park free, travel faster, and connect to the whole transit system.

Bike Program:
Trip plan, facilities, and cash reimbursement.

OHSU Shuttle:
Stops, locations, hours and contact.

Daily Parking:
Non-patients buy parking by desktop or phone.