Job Carving Program

Group photo of over 20 of the people involved in the Job Carving Program

What is the Job Carving Program

OHSU serves a diverse community and its employees must mirror that diversity. The goal of the OHSU Job Carving Program is to make OHSU more accessible and supportive workforce members with disabilities.

Established by the OHSU Community Advisory Council for Recruiting and Retaining People with Disabilities, this program has successfully hired more than 30 individuals with disabilities since 2016. Learn more about the history of this program here.

The program is an institution-wide effort to partner with the community to identify how the needs of OHSU operations can be fulfilled by the skills and expertise of people with disabilities. Learn more about how the program works here.

The OHSU Job Carving Program is currently on pause. We look forward to its continuation in the near future.

Getting started

Steps for job seekers

Are you, or do you know someone who is, interested in seeking employment at OHSU? Start with the steps listed below:

  1. Talk to your family, support person, or Vocational Rehabilitation counselor about your desire to gain employment at OHSU. Open a case file with Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services. OHSU Job Carving Program requires you to have an open case file with Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
    1. To find out more about the process please visit the Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services website. They have a short video about their process and requirements.
  2. Once you are assigned a career counselor or job developer, you may proceed to applying for open Job Carving positions. Ask your job counselor or developer for support to complete a Support Services Aide (SSA) application. Your job developer would know if OHSU has open SSA positions.
    1. View open job positions
    2. Please note that you are welcome to apply all other OHSU positions without having an open case file with Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  3. If you need accommodations during your application process or interviews, reach out to OHSU AAEO.
    1. If selected for a position, visit the AAEO website to learn how to request accommodations to support your success at work.

Bring job carving to your organization

Does your organization have potential to diversify its workforce and increase productivity?

  1. Establish a community advisory council that includes members from various stakeholder groups.
  2. Work with organization leadership to gain support for a pilot project to demonstrate success.
  3. Work within your organization to identify tasks and duties that are not prioritized by other employees that can be carved into another position description.

Find more details on incorporating job carving in your organization here.