Research Labs

OHSU Asthma Lab

The OHSU Asthma Lab is a collaborative group of scientists investigating mechanisms of asthma with the goal of discovering novel treatments.

Investigators include: Dr. Allison Fryer, Dr. David Jacoby, Dr. Jane Nie, Dr. Matthew Drake, Dr. Brenda Marsh

Oregon Tuberculosis Research Lab

PRISM Research

The Pulmonary and Critical Care & Sleep Medicine (PRISM) research team's goal is to advance research to improve patient outcomes in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Sepsis. 

Investigators include: Dr. Akram Khan

Pulmonary Care and Critical Care Research Team

The Portland Pulmonary Care and Critical Care Research Team (PDX-PCCCRT) is a collaborative of clinical researchers whose aim is to improve the overall quality of healthcare for both critical care and pulmonary disease patients. They hope to accomplish this by using comparative research methodologies to focus on improving patient-centered outcomes, enhancing patient-clinician communication, and advancing the standard of care for patients.

Investigators include: Dr. Christopher Slatore, Dr. Donald Sullivan, Dr. Kelly Vranas