Department of Medicine Fellow Teaching Award


Aravind Bommiasamy (CCM)

Connor Hambelton (CCM)

Miranda Merrill (CCM)

Forrest Orme (CCM)

Nicole Rapista (CCM)

Sandeep Bains (PCCM)

Ryan Grattan (PCCM)


Jon Anderson (CCM) 

Chi Chan (CCM) 

Chris Chang (PCCM) 

Gail Jones (CCM) 

Taylor Myers (PCCM) 

Matt Miller (PCCM) 

Brent Matsuda (PCCM) 


Tony Adams, MD (CCM) 

Parshawn Lahiji, DO (CCM) 

Ran Ran, MD (CCM) 

Benjamin Arthurs, MD (PCCM) 

Brent Matsuda, MD (PCCM) 


Tony Adams, MD (CCM) 

Parshawn Lahiji, DO (CCM) 

Ran Ran, MD (CCM) 

Peter Jackson, MD (PCCM) 

Gregory Ranches (PCCM) 


Jaime Fair, MD (CCM) 

Emily Jonas, MD (CCM) 

Srini Mukundan, MD (CCM) 

Benjamin Arthurs, MD (PCCM) 

Peter Jackson, MD (PCCM) 

Brenda Marsh, MD, PhD (PCCM) 

Knewton Sakata, MD (PCCM) 

MICU Excellence Award

The monthly MICU Excellence Award was created as a collaboration of our Unit Based Nurse Practice Council and Inpatient Optimization groups to provide unit level recognition for the amazing work that our staff does in the MICU

Matthew Miller MD (PCCM), February 2018

Daniel Seifer, MD (PCCM), January 2018

Department of Medicine Faculty Teaching Award


Shewit Giovanni

Kinsley Hubel

Ran Ran


Matthew Drake, MD


Kelly Vranas, MD 

Christopher Slatore, MD 

Mark Deffebach, MD


Kathryn Artis, MD

Brian Jones, MD PhD

Jeff Gold, MD 


Kathryn Artis, MD 

Matt Drake, MD 

Dr. William Holden Excellence in Teaching Award

Kinsley Hubel, MD 2023

Kinsley Hubel, MD 2022

Bishoy Zakhary, MD 2021

Ran Ran, MD 2020

Anna Brady, MD 2019

Matthew Drake, MD 2018

Brian Jones, MD 2017

Stephanie Nonas, MD 2016

Mark Deffebach, MD 2015

Jeff Gold, MD 2014

Medical Research Foundation Award

The Mentor Award is presented to an Oregonian who has provided outstanding mentorship and leadership in the support of health research, education or the advancement of health care.

David Jacoby, MD  2017

School of Nursing Teaching Award

Gopal Allada, MD 2014 - Outstanding Preceptor with Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Marion L. Krippaehne Humanism Award


Kinsley Hubel, MD

Department of Medicine Contribution to Scholarship Award


Shyam Joshi, MD

American Thoracic Society (ATS) Awards

2018 Awards

  • Pulmonary Infections and Tuberculosis Senior Level Award: Dr. Dave Lewinsohn

2017 Awards

  • ATS Innovations in Fellowship Education 2017: Recognized for our innovative mechanical ventilator simulation training program
  • Best of ATS Video Lecture Series 2nd place: Dr. Ran Ran won 2nd place for his "Tricyclic Antidepressant Overdose" video

World Bronchiectasis Conference Award

Alan Barker, MD 2018 - Outstanding Achievement Award

N.L. Tartar Trust Fellowship

Tartar Trust Fellowships are intended to be used for supporting research endeavors and research career development in the School of Medicine. They are offered annually by the OHSU School of Medicine.


  • Gitanjali Narayanan, MD, PhD Candidate in Lewinsohn Lab

Collins Medical Trust

The OHSU Foundation coordinates OHSU's relationship with the Collins Medical Trust, a private foundation located in Portland, OR and established in 1956 by Truman W. Collins. The Collins Medical Trust accepts 15 proposals from OHSU for each of their three annual deadlines and typically funds two to four projects each round. The Collins Medical Trust documents state that monies from the Trust shall be used "To aid, further, promote, develop, encourage and sponsor research, experiment and work in the cause, cure and treatment of human disease or in any field of medical research, and to aid, further and promote medical education."

Kelly Vranas, MD 2017

Matthew Drake, MD

Medical Research Foundation (MRF) Award

The Medical Research Foundation grants awards of merit to exceptional Oregon scientists and mentors.

Kelly Vranas, MD 2017

K12 Career Development Award

The purpose of this NIH program is to support institutional career development awards designed to prepare newly-trained clinicians who have made a commitment to independent research careers, and to facilitate their transition to more advanced support mechanisms, e.g., K08 and K23.

Brenda Marsh, MD, PhD 2018

Kelly Vranas, MD

NIH Loan Repayment Award

The NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRPs) are a set of programs established by Congress and designed to recruit and retain highly qualified health professionals into biomedical or biobehavioral research careers.

Kelly Vranas, MD 2018

Matthew Drake, MD