Department chair

Carsten Schultz, PhD - Development of chemical biology tools to help investigate disease relevant signaling networks

Primary faculty

Sue Aicher, PhD - Central autonomic reflex pathways; pain pathways; neuroanatomy

Michael C. Andresen, PhD - Central autonomic neurobiology; synaptic transmission

Virginia Brooks, PhD - Hypothalamic neurocircuitry, insulin, angiotensin, sympathetic nervous system, obesity, pregnancy, hypertension

Michael Cohen, PhD - Development of chemical tools for investigating NAD+-mediated cell signaling

Robert Duvoisin, PhD - Retinal neurobiology; metabotropic, glutamate receptors

Beth A. Habecker, PhD - Autonomic neuron plasticity, neurotransmitter/receptor expression

Martin J. Kelly, PhD - Gonadal and metabolic hormone modulation of hypothalamic neuronal excitability and control of homeostasis

Dennis R. Koop, PhD - Cytochrome P450 in chemical metabolism; arachidonic acid

Braden T. Lobingier, PhDSignaling and trafficking of membrane proteins; GPCR pharmacology

Catherine Morgans, PhD - The molecular events underlying synaptic transmissions in the retina

Oline K. Ronnekleiv, PhD - Estradiol regulation of hypothalamic circuits controlling fertility and motivated behavior

Charles E. Roselli, PhD - Neuroendocrine; brain sexual differentiation; androgen action

Thomas S. Scanlan, PhD - Chemical and biological aspects of steroid/thyroid hormone action

Francis Valiyaveetil, PhD - Ion conduction and gating in K+ channels

Xiangshu Xiao, PhD - Chemical biology, organic synthesis; medicinal chemistry

Emeritus faculty

David C. Dawson, PhD - Structure and function of the CFTR Chloride Channel

George Olsen, MD