Note on Modified Operations

OHSU begins modified operations on March 23rd, 2020. During modified operations, the research programs at OHSU are on hold to help ensure the health and safety of laboratory staff and the OHSU community. The only ongoing research will be coronavirus related. The OHSU Proteomics Shared Resource will be shut down during the period of modified operations. Our operations will be as follows:
  1. We will not accept any new samples for mass spec analysis.
  2. Submissions may still be made in ilab so projects can be planned and started when normal operations resume.
  3. We will stop processing any and all samples submitted to us before the end of the day on March 20, 2020 until normal operations are resumed.
  4. No samples will be analyzed on the PSR mass spectrometers during modified operations.
  5. Our staff remain available by e-mail and phone for discussions, data analysis, manuscript preparation etc.

Welcome to the Proteomics Shared Resource

Our Orbitrap Fusion is available to support TMT based quantitative proteomics experiments, including global analysis of phosphoproteins, and we've included some example prices for TMT analysisin the cost section. This new instrument has phenomenal mass accuracy and experimental flexibility that is unmatched in the field at the moment. We also recently added a Q-Exactive HF instrument through support from an OHSU Emerging Technology Award. We're looking forward to offering the opportunity for OHSU researchers to take advantage of these capabilities.

We are now requiring all sample submissions to go through iLab, including those performed by the OHSU/PNNL colaboratory for mass spectrometry. Please see the Request Services page for more information.

Publishing results from PSR? If so, please include the following: Mass spectrometric analysis was performed by the OHSU Proteomics Shared Resource with partial support from NIH core grants P30EY010572 & P30CA069533. Your citation should also reference the grant number for the specific instrument that was used in your project ( S10RR025571, for Velos 1; R01DC002368-15S1 for Velos 2; and S10OD012246 for the Orbitrap Fusion). Please contact PSR if you have any questions about which grants you need to cite and we can assist you.

Proteomics Core Informational Flyer

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