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OHSU researchers identify promising next-generation cancer treatment - 02/10/2023

Chemistry for all - 11/6/2022

CPB Welcomes Steve Reichow, Ph.D. as our newest faculty member - 09/02/2022

Congratulations to our summer intern poster winners - 08/15/2022

Congratulations to Chemical Physiology T32 recipients - 08/10/2022

CPB 2022 Tartar Trust Recipients - 08/10/2022

Habecker lab's publication selected as SoM Paper of the Month - 06/27/2022

OHSU scientist Beth Habecker named 2021 AAAS fellow - 01/26/2022

Discovery raises possibility of new medication for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s - 08/09/2021

CPB welcomes newest faculty member, James Frank, Ph.D. - 07/01/2021

Schultz Group research reported in Chemical & Engineering News - 02/02/2021

Bruce Branchaud, Distinguished Scientist in CEDAR with an appointment in CPB, receives the highest professional distinction for academic inventors, National Academy of Inventors Fellow - 12/21/2020

Drs. Kelly and Ronnekleiv receive OHSU Center for Women’s Health Circle of Giving 2020 award - 11/10/2020

Two graduate students awarded positions on T32 institutional training grant - 07/07/2020

Katherine Michaelis receives John A. Resko Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award - 07/07/2020

Beth Habecker named Co-Director of Precision Medicine Innovation Co-Laboratory - 06/26/2020

Autobahn Therapeutics Takes Aim at CNS Disorders with $76 Million Series B - 06/17/2020

Highlighted Publication: "Coronavirus Infection and PARP Expression Dysregulate the NAD Metabolome: A Potentially Actionable Component of Innate Immunity" - 04/21/2020

Janelle Tobias recognized in the 2020 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship competition - 04/06/2020

Veronica Cochrane awarded ASBMB 2020 travel award - 01/24/2020

The Aicher lab has been awarded a grant from the National Eye Institute - 01/06/2020

2019 Barbara A. Horwitz and John M. Horowitz Research Award presented to Alyssa Bonillas in the Brooks lab - 01/06/2020

Recently published paper by the Shyng lab wins SOM paper of the month - 01/06/2020

Myelin repair study by Dr. Meredith Hartley selected as 2019 Postdoctoral Paper of the Year - 09/27/2019

Erika Riederer, a PH2 graduate student was awarded the best poster prize at Gordon Research Conference - 09/04/2019

Congratulations to the following CPB graduate students who were awarded a Tartar award for 2019 - 08/01/2019

Michael Cohen, Ph.D., one of three innovators funded by Biomedical Innovation Program - 07/03/2019

Pierre Moenne-Loccoz, PhD & Linda Susan Musil, PhD are promoted to full professor - 07/09/2019

Dr. Xiao to Serve as Member of Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology Study Section - 04/23/2019

New Method Catches Cystic fibrosis Inflammatory Enzyme in the Act - 04/11/2019

Two basic science departments to join - 04/09/2019

Main-Chain Mutagenesis Reveals Intrahelical Coupling in an Ion Channel Voltage-Sensor - 02/12/2019

Lights On the Endocannabinoid System: Catching Cellular Membranes in Action - 11/26/2018

Two Physiology and Pharmacology Students Named as 2018 ARCS Scholars - 11/06/2018

Research Shows a Single Dose of Cocaine Irreversibly Alters Brain - 10/05/2018

Dr. Xiao Receives $120K to Develop New Therapy for Drug-Resistant Ovarian Cancer - 09/17/2018

Martin Kelly, Ph.D., Receives 2018 Biomedical Innovation Program Drug Discovery Award - 09/07/2018

Michael Cohen, Ph.D. Receives ICBS Young Chemical Biologist Awards - 09/27/2018

Acute Hyperalgesia and Delayed Dry Eye After Corneal Abrasion Injury - 08/28/2018

Estrogenic-Dependent Glutamatergic Neurotransmission from Kisspeptin Neurons Governs Feeding Circuit - 08/28/2019

Dr. Xiangshu Xiao Receives Funding to Develop a New Therapy for Drug-resistant Ovarian Cancer - 08/24/2018

Beth Habecker, PhD to Serve 3 Year Term on The Journal of Physiology Editorial Board - 07/26/2008

Three Physiology and Pharmacology Students Receive 2018 Tartar Award - 07/26/2018

First Chemical Biology and Physiology Summer Undergraduate Research Program Was a Success - 10/04/2017