CPB Diversity Statement

The Department of Chemical Physiology & Biochemistry is committed to a workplace that promotes and values diversity. We believe that prioritizing inclusion and equity is key to the wellbeing of our members and fundamental to an excellent research and training environment. We are taking active measures to eliminate biases and inequities that have historically excluded people from the biomedical research community. We embrace our differences and recognize that diversity enriches our community and strengthens our scientific endeavors.

Click Chemistry for All

Drs. Beatty, Schultz, Cohen and Xiao in the Department of Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry have deep ties to click chemistry tools, the scientific discovery recognized with the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Read more about the use of click chemistry at OHSU.

Identifying promising next-generation cancer treatment

Drugs known as PARP-1 inhibitors have emerged as an important but limited treatment option for certain cancers. Now scientists at Oregon Health & Science University have uncovered a new class of PARP-1 inhibitors with unique and powerful anticancer properties that could make them more widely effective.

“We think it’s going to open up therapeutic possibilities beyond what current PARP-1 inhibitors are used for,” said Michael Cohen, Ph.D., associate professor of chemical physiology and biochemistry in the OHSU School of Medicine and senior author of a paper describing the discovery in Cell Chemical Biology. Read more...

CPB welcomes Steve Reichow

Steve Reichow, PhD, Associate Professor

CPB welcomes ours newest faculty member, Steve Reichow, Ph.D., Associate Professor on October 1, 2022. Research in the Reichow Lab is inspired by the molecular mechanisms driving biology. They apply cutting-edge methods in the high-resolution imaging technology of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), to unveil the inner-workings of individual protein molecules – nature’s nano-machines. Read more...

Chemical Biology & Physiology 2023

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Dean's Research Scholar Program

The Dean's Research Scholar Program (DRSP) was developed to recruit top interdisciplinary postdoctoral researchers to OHSU to catalyze novel interdisciplinary research. DRSP is a distinctive opportunity to start a research career pursuing a state-of-the-art project at the cross-section of disciplines.