Promotion and Tenure

Congratulations to Drs. Catherine Morgans and Francis Valiyaveetil on their promotion to full professor, in the Department of Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry.

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Cohen on receiving indefinite tenure, in the Department of Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry,

Welcome new faculty

Steve Mansoor standing in lab

Steven E. Mansoor, M.D. Ph.D. Our research interests are in the structure and function of proteins, especially complex cell surface receptors. What is it about receptor structure that allows discrimination of one ligand from another? Why is an empty receptor unable to signal and how does the receptor structure change upon ligand binding and subsequent activation to initiate cell signaling? The structure/function paradigm of proteins sits at the heart of these questions. This paradigm is more than just intellectually and scientifically interesting – it is fundamentally important to pharmacology and thus for a majority of medicines used daily to treat patients with cardiovascular disease. Understanding the structure of drug targets and how ligands influence that structure allows for the rational design of small molecule pharmaceuticals, making them more potent, more efficacious and with less side effects. The overarching goals of our research are to use techniques in structural biology (X-ray crystallography and single particle cryo electron microscopy) and techniques in electrophysiology to study the molecular structure, function and signaling of ion channels and G-protein coupled receptors to identify and develop novel, high-affinity, subtype-selective small molecule agonists and antagonists for the treatment of cardiovascular conditions such as angina, hypertension and platelet aggregation.

Beth Habecker named Co-Director of Precision Medicine Innovation Co-Laboratory

Beth Habecker headshot

OHSU School of Medicine has appointed Beth Habecker, Ph.D., professor of chemical physiology and biochemistry, co-director of the OHSU-PNNL scientific partnership, PMedIC, effective July 1. Read more.

Autobahn Therapeutics Takes Aim at CNS Disorders with $76 Million Series B

Brain-penetrating thyroid hormone receptor agonists synthesized in Tom Scanlan’s lab delivered sufficiently promising results to become adopted as a strategy to induce re-myelination of axons in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), and to treat the rare genetic disorder adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN).

Cohen lab research on SARS-CoV2 featured in LA Times

Research by Charles Brenner of the University of Iowa, Anthony Fehr of the University of Kansas and Michael Cohen of Oregon Health & Science University are examining the role of a substance central to cell metabolism, known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD. Read more.

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The Dean's Research Scholar Program (DRSP) was developed to recruit top interdisciplinary postdoctoral researchers to OHSU to catalyze novel interdisciplinary research. DRSP is a distinctive opportunity to start a research career pursuing a state-of-the-art project at the cross-section of disciplines.