Courtney Clyburn receives the 2022 Michael J. Brody Young Investigator Award

Congratulations to Courtney Clyburn, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar, who is the recipient of the 2022 Michael J. Brody Young Investigator Award! The Brody award is the highest trainee honor given by the American Physiological Society Neural Control & Autonomic Regulation Section, and recognizes an outstanding investigator in the early stages of his/her independent career. Courtney is joining some very impressive company as Brody winners have gone on to great things. She will receive the award at the NCAR reception at EB in Philadelphia.

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James Frank, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

James Frank, Ph.D. joined the Department of Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry as Assistant Professor on July 1, 2021. The Frank lab develops light-sensitive small molecule probes to manipulate neurons with increased spatiotemporal precision. In particular, we focus on developing photo-switchable and photo-caged ligands which permit remote control over cannabinoid receptor (CBR) activity. We use these tools to understand the mechanisms by which cannabinoid signaling mediates the secretion of neurotransmitters and hormones from excitable cells, and how these concerted events drive behavior and energy homeostasis in vivo.

Beth Habecker named 2021 AAAS fellow

Beth Habecker named 2021 AAAS fellow

Beth Habecker, Ph.D., professor of chemical physiology and biochemistry, has received one of the top honors from the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Habecker’s lab studies the nerves that control the heart in order to understand how neuron-heart interactions during injury and disease contribute to poor outcomes — and what can be done to prevent cardiac damage.

Liman Zhang selected to speak at the 2022 Future of Biophysics Burroughs Wellcome Fund Symposium

Liman Zhang, Assistant Professor, was selected as one of four speakers at the 2022 Future of Biophysics Burroughs Wellcome Fund Symposium. Held during the Biophysical Society’s 66th Annual Meeting, the Symposium features early-career researchers working at the cutting-edge of the interface of the physical and life sciences. 

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Dean's Research Scholar Program

The Dean's Research Scholar Program (DRSP) was developed to recruit top interdisciplinary postdoctoral researchers to OHSU to catalyze novel interdisciplinary research. DRSP is a distinctive opportunity to start a research career pursuing a state-of-the-art project at the cross-section of disciplines.