P2X7 receptor as an exhibit in an art gallery
The Mansoor lab solved the structure of the full-length P2X7 receptor in several forms revealing much about its structure and function. Art by Lori Vaskalis

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Steven Mansoor

Medical Research Building 604
503 346-3104

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Department of Chemical Pharmacology & Biochemistry
Oregon Health & Science University
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
Mail Code: L334
Portland, OR 97239

About the Mansoor lab

The goals of the Mansoor lab are to use techniques in structural biology (X-ray crystallography and single particle cryogenic electron microscopy), electrophysiology, ligand binding assays and rational drug-design to study the structure, function, and signaling of ion channels and G-protein coupled receptors of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. The overarching goals are to identify and develop novel, high-affinity, subtype-selective small molecule agonists and antagonists for the treatment of conditions such as angina, hypertension, platelet aggregation, and atherosclerosis. Our research vision has the potential to span from studying ligand/receptor interactions at the bench, to the development of novel drug therapies that will be tested for safety in animals and efficacy in humans through clinical trials, to ultimately treating patients with cardiovascular disease at the bedside.

The Mansoor lab is growing. If you are interested in postdoctoral or research assistant positions using CryoEM to study proteins involved in cardiovascular disease, email Dr. Mansoor to learn about opportunities and available positions in the lab.

We wish to thank the Silver Family Foundation for their investment in innovation and research, and a special thank you to Barbara Allen & Jim Batzer and Barbara & Randy Lovre for their support.

Mansoor Lab as of May 2023 (left to right) Nic Lisi, Steven Adamou, Adam Oken, Franka Westermann, Steve Mansoor, Tommy Shi, Arthur Glasfeld, Ismayn Ditter

In typical Portland fashion, Mt. Hood, which is in the background, is obscured by clouds.