MR IAC Cholesteotoma WO ENT Protocol

Scan Notes: Use this protocol for Adults and Pediatric Patients

Last updated: 7/18/19
Charge as: IAC WO
Scanner preference: MR4, DCH7, Beaverton, or MR2 (if pt has implant not safe on 3T). Never on iMRI.
Coil: Head

Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Notes
SAG T1 TSE 4mm 1mm None 23cm Scalp to Scalp
AXIAL FLAIR TSE 4mm 1mm None 23cm Whole Head
AXIAL DWI DWI 3mm 0.3mm SPIR 15cm Whole Head
AXIAL DWI High Res Voxel through IAC DWI 2mm 0.2mm SPIR 15cm Only on 3T. Cover IAC
AXIAL T2 FAT SAT TSE 4mm 1mm SPIR 23cm Whole Head
AXIAL T2 High Res Long TE TSE 1mm 0mm None 15cm IAC
COR T1 TSE 2mm 0mm None 18cm IAC
AXIAL T1 TSE 2mm 0mm None 18cm IAC
MR IAC WO ENT Protocol image