A Healthcare Professional's Informational Guide for ordering OHSU Diagnostic Imaging studies

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As part of Oregon’s only academic health center, OHSU Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging offers your patients the region’s most advanced care with the latest treatments and technology. We strive to make it easy to refer a patient or to consult with a radiologist about current imaging advancements best suited for a particular patient and diagnosis. We value our partnership with providers because we recognize the importance of physician-to-physician relationships in the healing process.
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Patient Radiation Shielding

Our patient shielding policy has changed in Diagnostic Imaging Services.

Patient Scheduling

We make it easy for patients. They can call one general scheduling line at 503-418-0990 to schedule their own exams at a time that’s best for them.  We are located in several locations and are open conveniently long hours, our skilled patient schedulers will see that your patient has everything they need for their visit with us. Please see our Patient page for more information.

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Stay connected with your patient's care at OHSU

  • Protect continuity of care and avoid repeating tests or exams, visit the Image Library for information regarding prior imaging.
  • Enroll in OHSU Connect for secure, constant access to your patient's shared electronic medical records.
  • Connect with a radiologist by calling the radiology assistant at 503-494-5369. Call the OHSU operator at 503-494-8311 to have a radiologist paged or visit our contact us page.