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  OHSU Employee ID Request Form

The form below can be used to request an OHSU Employee ID (EID) for non-OHSU employees including students involved in research at OHSU.

The EID acts as a unique identifier and is essential for the synchronization of compliance status data between various electronic systems such as, but not limited to the eIRB, eCRIS, eCoI, InfoEd, and the Compass and CITI Programs.

Your EID must be requested and secured before any additional steps can be taken to register with other systems.

Legal Name (First Middle Last)
Social Security Number (SSN) - -
  (SSN is required. If the person does not have a SSN, or if you have questions regarding SSN entry, contact OHSU Human Resources.)
E-mail Address
Date of Birth (DOB) - -
  (Date of Birth is optional however it would assist with ensuring accurate synchronization of compliance data between various electronic systems at OHSU.)
Work Phone
Responsible OHSU Employee Name
  (Please specify the OHSU employee whom we might contact as needed, on behalf of OHSU HR, to inquire if the non-OHSU employee is still actively involved in research at OHSU, e.g. PI or research administrator.)
Responsible OHSU Employee E-mail
Reason for requesting OHSU Employee ID
  (Include a brief description of why this non-OHSU employee requires an OHSU Employee ID. Include the names of any systems, processes or policies which require an OHSU Employee ID.)
  Comments (optional)
  Check here if you are a non-OHSU employee who will work with live animals at OHSU (e.g., a visiting scientist, experiential volunteer, or summer student working on a project involving live animals).

Once OHSU HR creates the new employee ID it can be used to register with one or more of the following systems:

eCoI Register
eIACUC Register
eIRB & eCRISRegister
InfoEdEmail to request access
eIBCEmail to request access

Due to system requirements, all researchers required to complete OHSU training will need to obtain an OHSU network account in order to access the necessary systems containing the training.

NOTE: The OHSU responsible employee must request the OHSU network account for non-OHSU researchers through a CARS request, if an email account is needed, it must be specified in the request. Once the EID is issued, please wait until the next business day to submit a CARS request.

In order to participate in research activities at OHSU, researchers are required to complete the RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research) training through CITI programs and submit an annual CoIR (Conflict of Interest in Research) disclosure at

In order to obtain access to studies in eCRIS, researchers must also complete the eCRIS Overview module in the Compass Learning Management system.

When emailing for access to InfoEd please indicate if the individual will be a PI. If the individual is not a PI please indicate which department or PI the individual will be assisting. User Guides and FAQs are located here.

For assistance with any of the mentioned processes please contact the appropriate support office:

eCoI: (503) 494-8849 or
eCRIS: (503) 494-1600 or
eIACUC: (503) 494-8408 or
eIRB: (503) 494-7887 or
eIBC: (503) 494-7887 or
Compass: (503) 494-8185 or
CITI: (503) 494-8849 or
InfoEd: (503) 494-8923 or
Human Resources: (503) 494-6477 or

I have read and agree to follow the instructions.


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