Flexible Work

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Flexible Work

OHSU recognizes that an empowered workforce and healthy organizational culture go hand in hand. OHSU Anywhere is our approach to flexibility, and it includes both fully remote and hybrid remote work, as well as flexible schedules and other ways of working that allow employees the freedom to be effective both in their career and personal life. 

OHSU FlexWork 2025

Interview Tips

Some OHSU job postings may indicate whether the position is fully remote or hybrid remote. During your interview, you are encouraged to inquire what flexible work arrangements are possible for the given position. While many jobs require an employee to work at an OHSU location at all times, alternative or variable schedules may be available, depending on the position. Understanding your options before accepting the job offer will help ensure you are making a career decision that meets your personal needs.  

Flexible Use Spaces

Flexible use spaces are a safe, reliable, clean place for hybrid remote workers when they need to work at an OHSU location.

Reserve a cubicle, private office or meeting room, and unlock your team's potential with conference and training space options for meetings. Customize your reservation search based on your needs including standing or sitting desk options, natural lighting, private rooms and laptop stations or desktop computers.  

OHSU currently offers flex use space in downtown Portland, South Waterfront and Marquam Hill locations.  

Remote Work Employee Resource Group

The Remote Work ERG is a supportive community that strives to help remote workers feel more connected to each other, as well as OHSU. They accomplish this through monthly meetings, a highly interactive Teams space, special events and much more.  The Remote Work ERG is open to all remote employees, faculty, administration and students. To learn more, please e-mail remoteworkerg@ohsu.edu.

Commuting to OHSU

OHSU offers a variety of programs to assist hybrid remote employees in getting to work, and incentivizes transportation modes like biking and transit. Employees who work remotely are encouraged to opt for daily parking or daily guaranteed parking, so that employees only pay for the days they park, and those spaces can be made available for others who need to drive to campus. 

Visit Campus Access and Commute Services for the latest information about transit, daily parking passes, commute programs and carpooling.