Non-OHSU Research Collaborators

steps for non-OHSU researchers: 1) Get EID#, 2) Affiliate in CITI, 3) Complete CoIR, 4) Register in research system(s)

OHSU members should visit the CITI Program page on O2.

Are you a non-OHSU collaborator who is listed on a grant but NOT listed on an IRB, IBC, or IACUC study?

If so, please use 00000 as your employee ID (EID) when registering in the CITI Program. Please proceed to step one below if your compliance data needs to be synched to an IRB, IBC, or IACUC study.

Step 1: Request an OHSU Employee ID number

OHSU's research systems communicate via OHSU Employee ID number. Because the request for an Employee ID can potentially take several days to process, it's important to complete this step as early as possible.

In addition to providing your personal information, the form asks for the name and email of a Responsible OHSU Employee. This person will be tasked with the review and approval of your request, and should be actively involved in your onboarding.

Example: Your Study Coordinator, Principal Investigator or contact in the Office of Visitors and Volunteers.

If you are a new faculty member transferring from another institution and don't yet have your network credentials, please note under "Additional Information" that you will need to retain the same EID number when you become an OHSU employee.

If you are an international collaborator and do not have a U.S. Social Security number, please contact OHSU HR at for assistance in submitting the request to obtain an OHSU employee ID number.

Request an OHSU Employee ID here.

Step 2: Registering for CITI with an OHSU affiliation

You cannot complete this step until you have received your OHSU Employee ID from Step 1.

Next, navigate to the CITI Program's registration page.

In the Organization Affiliation search box, enter ohsu and click the resulting dropdown selection:

An image showing what boxes to check to affiliate with OHSU.

Note: The box indicating agreement with CITI's Terms of Service, and affiliation with OHSU, must be checked before proceeding with account registration.

You'll then be asked for personal information necessary for the creation of a CITI Program account, including: name, email, preferred username and password, country of residence and interest in applying for CEUs.

Lastly, you must provide your OHSU Employee ID number from Step 1 to finalize your affiliation with OHSU. If you do not yet have an EID, do not register in CITI. If you are an affiliated researcher who has been instructed to use 00000 as their EID, please enter it here:

An image showing the EID field in the CITI Program registration forms.

Following the completion of your account registration and affiliation you will be presented with our Add a Course menu:

Screenshot of the CITI "Add Course" first menu item

Everyone involved in research at OHSU should complete Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), along with the courses found below that may be relevant to the type of research performed:

  • Human Subjects Research (HSR) - For those conducting research with humans. This is also required of investigators or staff on protocols found within the eIRB system.
  • Good Clinical Practices (GCP) - For those conducting clinical trials. This is also required of investigators or staff on clinical trials involving an FDA regulated products (drugs or devices), or protocols that receive funding from the NIH, found within the eIRB system.
  • Animal Care and Use (ACU) - For those conducting research with animals. This is also required of investigators or staff on protocols found within the eIACUC system.
  • Biosafety / Biosecurity - For those who work with recombinant DNA, synthetic nucleic acid molecules in cells, organisms or viruses, infectious agents or biologically-derived toxins. This is also required for investigators or staff on protocols found within the eIBC system.

Note: Training expires after three years requiring a refresher training to be completed. The CITI Program manages this process, and will email you when you're in need of training three months prior to expiration, and every 30 days thereafter.

Reading each question carefully before selecting your answer is the best way to ensure you complete only the necessary training for your work. Completion of incorrect training will not be rewarded with credit for another course. If you do not need to take a course that is offered, select Not applicable / Skip for now.

Please note that it takes 24 – 48 hours after course completion for CITI information to synch to other OHSU systems like the eIRB, eIBC, or eIACUC.

Step 3: Completing a Conflict of Interest disclosure

You cannot complete this step until you have received your OHSU Employee ID from Step 1.

Non-OHSU study staff, or those set to receive a financial distribution from an OHSU administered grant, must be covered by an NIH compliant institutional Conflict of Interest policy. If a non-OHSU researcher's home institution does not have a compliant policy in place, steps must be taken to adhere with OHSU's policy.

To accomplish this, non-OHSU researchers must complete OHSU's Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) curriculum within the CITI Program, and submit a disclosure within the electronic Conflict of Interest disclosure system (eCoI).

Note that OHSU collaborators with IP addresses outside of the United States will need to request a firewall exemption to access eCoI. If you are a collaborator from another country or work with such a group, please email to initiate a firewall exemption request.

Step 4: Request access to a research system

You are automatically registered in all research systems when you receive your OHSU Employee ID from Step 1.

No further action is required for you to be added to a research protocol in any research system.

If you need to login to a research system, please visit the Research System Registration page for additional information.

Step 5: Celebrate!

You're all done. Email your OHSU contact and let them know you have completed all necessary steps to be added to a research protocol. It may take 1-2 business days for everything to process. If they have any issue confirming your completion of CITI training please email the Research Administration Training & Education (RATE) Program. For questions regarding your CoI disclosure, please email