Headshot photo of Bradley M. Tebo, Ph.D.

Bradley M. Tebo, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Environmental & Biomolecular Systems
  • Division Head, Environmental & Biomolecular Systems


Selected publications

  • Tao, L., A.N. Simonov, C. Romano, C.N. Butterfield, M. Fekete, B.M. Tebo, A.M. Bond, L. Spiccia, L.L. Martin, and W.H. Casey (2017) Biogenic manganese-oxide mineralization is enhanced by an oxidative priming mechanism for the multi-copperoxidase, MnxEFGChemistry – A European Journal 23:1346-1352
  • Oldham, V.E., A. Mucci,  B.M. Tebo and G.W. Luther III (2017)Soluble Mn(III)-L complexes are abundant in oxygenated waters and stabilized by humic ligands Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 199: 238-246
  • Butterfield, C.N. and B.M. Tebo (2017)Substrate specificity and copper loading of the manganese-oxidizing multicopper oxidase Mnx from Bacillus sp. PL-12Metallomics 9:183-191
  • Sudek, L.A., G. Wanger, A.S. Templeton, H. Staudigel, and B.M. Tebo (2017)Submarine basaltic glass colonization by the heterotrophic Fe(II)-oxidizing and siderophore-producing deep-sea bacterium Pseudomonas stutzeri VS-10: the potential role of basalt in enhancing growth Frontiers in Microbiology 8:363
  • Lee, S-W., M. Jones, C. Romano and B.M. Tebo (2017)Formation of Manganese Oxide Minerals by BacteriaIn: I.A.M. Ahmed and K.A Hudson-Edwards (Eds.) Redox-reactive minerals: Properties, reactions and applications in natural systems and clean technologiesEuropean Mineralogical Union Notes in Mineralogy vol. 17, Chapter 7, pp. 173-196
  • Oldham, V.E., Jones, M.R., Tebo, B.M., and Luther, G.W. (2017)Oxidative and reductive processes contributing to manganese cycling at oxic-anoxic interfacesMarine Chemistry
  • Tao, L. T.A. Stich, S-H Liou, A.V Soldatova, D.A. Delgadillo, C.A. Romano, T.G. Spiro, D.B. Goodin, B.M. Tebo, W.H. Casey, R.D. Britt (2017)Copper Binding Sites in the Manganese-Oxidizing Mnx Protein Complex Investigated by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance SpectroscopyJournal of the American Chemical Society 139 (26), pp 8868–8877 


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