Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Connor Barth presents in front of a classroom.
Connor Barth earned his Ph.D. from OHSU in 2018 and co-founded Trace Biosciences, along with Summer Gibbs, Ph.D. and Lei Wang, Ph.D., based on their work with nerve-specific dyes in the Gibbs Lab. (OHSU/Jordan Sleeth)

Biomedical engineering is at the intersection of multiple scientific disciplines. At OHSU, we foster a spirit of creative teamwork and problem-solving for the real world. Some of our faculty lead innovative companies based on research that began in our labs. They bring their knowledge as business entrepreneurs to our Ph.D. program.

The collaborative network at OHSU Innovates supports you as a Ph.D. student with entrepreneurial education, intellectual property management and commercialization of your research.

Our projects include:

  • Development of algorithms and apps that use control theory and artificial intelligence to help people with type 1 diabetes manage their disease. (Artificial Intelligence for Medical Systems Lab)
  • Imaging agents that light up nerve pathways, preventing nerve damage during surgery. (Gibbs Lab)
  • Nanotechnology for delivering therapeutics directly to disease cells (cancer, for example) while also harnessing the body's immune system to fight the disease. (Yantasee Lab)
  • Nanotechnology for superior vaccine delivery by activating antigen-presenting cells and modulating immune suppressive environment of hosts. (Yantasee Lab)
  • Imaging devices that provide new granular insight into the personal impact of drugs in individuals before, during and following their cancer therapy. (Vu Lab)
  • Hemorrhage control devices to stop life-threatening bleeding from battlefield wounds and to treat postpartum hemorrhage. (Gregory Lab)
  • Development of deep learning AI systems for interpreting ultrasound images for automated diagnosis of pneumonia, pneumothorax, pandemic lung disease, abdominal hemorrhage and smoke inhalation lung injury. (Gregory Lab)
  • Use of shear wave elastography for diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries. (Gregory Lab)

Innovation and entrepreneurship faculty