Biosensors and Instrumentation

A glowing green line shows the peaks and valleys of a electronically traced pulse line against a back and green grid.

Detecting the presence or progression of disease is crucial to effective medical treatment. As a Ph.D. student at OHSU, you can be part of research to develop biosensors and instruments that improve health outcomes across a variety of illnesses. Our faculty use light, sound, ultrasound and enzymatic sensors in combination with signal processing and artificial intelligence to detect and measure disease. 

Our faculty have developed sensors that help patients manage diabetes, multiple sclerosis and sleep disorders. We’ve also pioneered rapid screening techniques and personalized therapy evaluation for cancer patients. 

Our projects include:

  • Development of an artificial pancreas that includes a subcutaneous continuous glucose monitor, a pump delivering hormones subcutaneously, and a control algorithm to automate delivery of insulin and other hormones in combination with forecasting algorithms that predict disturbances such as exercise and nutrient intake. (Artificial Intelligence for Medical Systems/AIMS Lab
  • Utilizing wearable fitness sensors to augment automated hormone delivery and decision support systems in people living with type 1 diabetes. (AIMS Lab) 
  • Improving glycemic management in patients with type 1 diabetes using a beacon-based in-home monitoring system integrated with a context-aware automated insulin delivery system. (AIMS Lab
  • Improving specificity and sensitivity of biosensing using nanotechnology to combine molecular targeting agents and signaling (mass and fluorescent) probes or to preconcentrate target analytes prior to detection.  (Yantasee Lab
  • Automated detection of heart murmurs using a multimicrophone array probe, beamforming and artificial intelligence. (AIMS Lab
  • Development of a microfluidic sorting device to perform label free enrichment of rare circulating cells. (Esener Lab) 
  • Development of custom platforms for ultrasound-stimulation and monitoring of biomaterials to study new therapeutic delivery systems. (Schutt Ibsen Lab

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