Biomedical Engineering Research

Person with face shield and gloves lifts frozen cells out of liquid nitrogen storage
Doctoral candidate Ethan Oseas lifts frozen cells out of liquid nitrogen storage as part of his research into peripheral nerve regeneration. Oseas studies with faculty mentors Karina Nakayama, Ph.D., and Owen McCarty, Ph.D. (OHSU/Jordan Sleeth)

Our biomedical engineering (BME) researchers are dedicated to improving human health. As a Ph.D. student, you’ll join a team working to discover real-world solutions to unmet patient needs. You can expect: 

Meaningful collaboration. Researchers and students in the BME department work with scientists across the fields of ophthalmology, dentistry, oncology, orthopedics and so many other disciplines at OHSU. 

Innovation and creativity. We emphasize care, innovation and creative problem-solving in our research. Faculty and students have developed drugs to treat clotting disorders without increased bleeding risk as well as targeted cancer treatment via tiny particles. This is the next generation of health care. 

Insights that affect patient care. Our researchers work to make a difference for patients. They collaborate with physicians in our hospital and health care facilities on projects such as cancer detection, blood sugar management and engineered tissue for wound healing. 

National and global connections. Researchers benefit from federal government grants, nonprofit foundation funding and industry partnerships. We host scientists from the world’s top biomedical engineering research institutions to present their latest projects at our weekly seminar series. 

Our faculty are recognized as scientific leaders, participating in efforts such as the National Cancer Institute’s Genomic Data Analysis Network, Serial Measurements of Molecular and Architectural Responses to Therapy (SMMART) program and Bridge2AI. 

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