Getting Started with R and RStudio

February 19, 2020
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
840 SW Gaines Street
Portland, Oregon 97239
Room: 5
Contact Information

45.4973002, -122.6860744

This workshop will introduce R and RStudio to people with no prior experience. We will start with how to use RStudio to write and execute code and then show basic commands for working with data: loading, viewing, summarizing, simple plotting, manipulating, and saving of data. We will also discuss different types of data structures and how to create a simple dataset within R. The workshop will end with using R packages to expand R's capabilities.

No prior experience with R is needed. We encourage you to bring a laptop with R and RStudio installed. For help with installation on your laptop, please arrive 30 minutes early. Installation instructions are available at:

This workshop prepares attendees for other workshops in this series on R and RStudio.

Questions? Contact Amy Laird: