Augmented Medical Therapy

Augmented medical therapy can improve your heart’s ability to pump blood and decrease the stress on your heart.  By using the most advanced oral medications, given as part of a monitored program for the treatment of advanced heart failure, we can actually slow the disease’s progression and help keep you out of the hospital.

Medications commonly used to treat heart failure patients include the following:

  • angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors to decrease the pressure inside the blood vessels and reduce the resistance against which the heart pumps 
  • angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB) alternative medication for reducing workload on the heart if ACE inhibitors are not tolerated 
  • diuretics to reduce the amount of fluid in the body 
  • vasodilators to dilate the blood vessels and reduce workload on the heart
  • digitalis to increase heart strength and control rhythm problems 
  • inotropes increase the pumping action of the heart 
  • antiarrhythmia medications keep the rhythm regular and prevent sudden cardiac death 
  • beta-blockers reduce the heart's tendency to beat faster and reduce workload by blocking specific receptors on the cells that make up the heart 
  • aldosterone blockers block the effects of aldosterone which causes sodium and water retention