External Employee ID Request Form

The form below can be used to request an OHSU Employee ID (EID) for non-OHSU employees including students involved in research at OHSU.

The EID acts as a unique identifier and is essential for the synchronization of compliance status data between various electronic systems such as, but not limited to the eIRB, eIACUC, eCoI, InfoEd, and the Compass and CITI Programs.  Step by step instructions are available on the Non-OHSU Research Collaborators page.  Please note that if the person does NOT have a middle name, enter “-“ for that field.

All PO Externals accounts will automatically terminate 12 months from creation.  30 days prior to the termination, PO Externals and their managers of will receive a notification requesting verification of continued access needs.  If no verification is provided, access will be terminated.


This form is used to request an OHSU EID# only, not an OHSU network account. If you need an OHSU network login please complete a CARS request upon confirmation of your OHSU EID.

eCoI                      Register

eIACUC               Register

eIRB & eCRIS    Register

eIBC                      Register

InfoEd                 Email to request access

In order to participate in research activities at OHSU, researchers are required to complete research compliance trainings through CITI programs and submit an annual Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure (CoIR) in the eCoI System.

Step-by-step instructions are available on the Non-OHSU Research Collaborators page.

When emailing for access to InfoEd please indicate if the individual will be a PI. If the individual is not a PI please indicate which department or PI the individual will be assisting. User Guides and FAQs are located here.

For assistance with any of the mentioned processes please contact the appropriate support office:

System Phone Email
eCoI (503) 494-8849 coir@ohsu.edu
eCRIS ecrissupport@ohsu.edu
eIACUC (503) 494-8408 iacuc@ohsu.edu
eIRB (503) 494-7887 irb@ohsu.edu
eIBC (503) 494-7887 ibc@ohsu.edu
Compass (503) 494-8185 learning@ohsu.edu
CITI rate@ohsu.edu
InfoEd (503) 494-8923 infoedhelp@ohsu.edu
Human Resources (503) 494-6477 records@ohsu.edu