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At the Frontier & Beyond: Multiple Sclerosis recordings

An annual half-day conference providing practical information about managing, treating and living with MS.

At the Frontier & Beyond: MS 2022
2022 topics included:

  • Aging with MS
  • Neuroradiology
  • MS treatment
  • Research update

At the Frontier & Beyond: MS 2021
2021 topics included:

  • COVID-19 and MS: the current state
  • Cognition and healthy brain aging with MS
  • Disease-modifying therapies for MS
  • Research update

COVID-19 webinar recordings

Two Years Into COVID, Now What? A COVID and MS Update (4/22/2022)
This video covers the current state of the pandemic, the role of COVID therapies, prevention strategies, and the current guidelines for MS.

COVID-19 Vaccines and Multiple Sclerosis (2/19/2021)
This webinar covers how vaccines work, the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines currently available, and the recommendations for people with MS.

COVID-19 and Multiple Sclerosis (5/8/2020)
This webinar covers COVID-19, the impact on multiple sclerosis, and the implications for managing MS.

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