DBS: Patient Stories

Parkinson's patient Colin Halstead enjoys life after DBS with his parents, Jim and Suzy.
Since having DBS surgery at OHSU, Parkinson's patient Colin Halstead no longer worries about having to go on disability.

Meet some of the people whose lives were changed by DBS at OHSU.

Parkinson's patients

Colin Halstead

Colin Halstead needed two canes to walk. He took 27 pills a day. His voice was hard to understand and he could make few facial expressions. Then he had DBS surgery. He now walks without a cane. And he's back in his wood shop, making projects for his living room.

Kevin Lyle

After his retirement as an accountant for a timber company, Kevin Lyle wanted to travel. But tremors from his Parkinson's disease were making that a long shot. His DBS surgery changed everything.

Read Kevin's story.

Akemi Noll

Akemi Noll's Parkinson's disease got so bad that she needed a wheelchair to leave her home. Then came her DBS surgery. She now plays tennis three times a week — and her husband is thinking about taking lessons to keep up with her.

Read Akemi's story.

Essential tremor patients

Oscar La Salle

Oscar La Salle's essential tremor symptoms were so pronounced that he couldn't eat a bowl of soup. He became too embarrassed to go out.

His DBS surgery changed everything. He regained his confidence and zest for life. "It's a different world, like a new life," he says. "It's unbelievable."

Read Oscar's story.

Paul Renaud

Paul Renaud is a retired orthopaedic surgeon and avid fisherman. He developed essential tremor that got so bad he couldn't sign his name — or begin to thread a fishing line through a hook. He called his DBS surgery "life-changing."

Read Paul's story.

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