Prepare for your Visit

Your Medical Records

We need medical records related to your condition before your appointment. Your primary care doctor or neurologist may have already sent your records to us. If you are bringing any records, X-rays or MR or CT scans with you, please let our office know. Otherwise, please have your medical records sent or faxed to:

OHSU Stroke Center
Oregon Health & Science University
Center for Health & Healing
Mail code CH8C3303
SW Bond Avenue
Portland OR, 97239-3098
Fax 503 494-8390

Register with OHSU

If you have not received care at OHSU before, or your insurance or other information has changed since your last visit, please pre-register. When you pre-register, OHSU collects certain basic information such as your name, address and insurance information. This helps us create your medical records, bill your insurance and avoid confusing your information with someone who has a similar name.

You can call 503 494-2443 to pre-register. Please leave a message with the pre-registration answering service, and someone will call you back. You can also register online. This can be done over the telephone prior to your appointment by calling (503) 494-8505 (or toll-free (888) 222-6478 extension 4-8505).

The Day of Your Appointment

On the day of your appointment, be prepared to spend several hours in the OHSU Stroke Center clinic. Your first appointment may include tests, such as blood tests, and procedures to diagnose your condition. Your first appointment usually includes:

  • Nurse assessment: A nurse or other healthcare team member checks your weight, temperature and blood pressure. He or she asks for information about your symptoms and general health.
  • Physician assessment: A neurologist takes a complete medical history and talks with you about your symptoms.
  • Physical examination: A neurologist examines you.
  • Tests and procedures: Based on your symptoms, your medical history and the results of your physical examination, your neurologist may order additional tests. These may include blood tests or specialized tests of your cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) system.
  • Treatment options: The neurologist and other healthcare team members talk with you about the results of your examination, any tests and possible treatments.
  • Follow-up plan: Your neurologist and healthcare team talk with your primary care doctor or other primary care provider to plan any additional appointments or treatment you need in the Oregon Stroke Center.

If you have any questions during your appointment, please ask your neurologist or another healthcare team member. We want to give you as much information as possible about your healthcare so you can make the best choices.