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Dr. Kim Burchiel has performed more than 1,000 deep brain stimulation surgeries – and was the first surgeon to offer it in the United States over 25 years ago. He introduced DBS as an “asleep” procedure in 2011, making the surgery more comfortable and more precise. This means faster surgery, fewer overnights in the hospital, lower risk, increased patient comfort and better outcomes.

Here you will find detailed information tailored for patients with Parkinson’s or essential tremor diagnoses. Learn more about DBS surgery and whether you could benefit from it. You will also find information about what you can expect from DBS treatment and from the expert care at OHSU.

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OHSU’s Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Program team will work in partnership with you to provide unmatched care for your patient with Parkinson’s or essential tremor. You will have access to our specialists via telemedicine and the ability to track your patient’s care in real time via OHSU Connect.

Learn more about our patient selection process and your role at each stage of DBS evaluation and treatment. You will also find information about our easy referral process and how to consult with our movement disorders team at the OHSU Brain Institute.

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