Division of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Active areas of research & study include: Systems Biology and Statistical Genetics, Text Mining and Information Retrieval, Imaging and Computational Neuroscience.

A Division of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology has been established in the Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology (DMICE). The new division provides a unified and more visible academic home for an array of disparate educational programs, inter-linked activities and collaborative research efforts in bioinformatics and computational biology across OHSU and beyond. The interdisciplinary coursework includes computer science, informatics, statistics and biology; it draws on inter-institutional faculty expertise at Portland State University as well as OHSU, and is synergistic with work in the Department of Public Health & Preventive Medicine, the Knight Cancer Institute, the Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute and the Kaiser Center for Health Research.

Computational biology is an interdisciplinary field that applies the techniques of computer science, applied mathematics and statistics to address biological problems. The main focus lies in the development of computational and statistical data analysis methods and in developing mathematical modeling and computational simulation techniques. By these means it addresses scientific research topics with their theoretical and experimental questions without a laboratory.

BCB Faculty and Instructors (Primary)

Dr. Shannon McWeeney Functional Genomics, Statistical Genetics, Systems Biology
Dr. Eilis Boudreau Computational Neuroscience, Imaging
Dr. Aaron Cohen Text Mining, Information Retrieval, NLP
Dr. Holly Jimison Computational Neuroscience & Cognition
Dr. Jayashree Kalpathy-Cramer Information Retrieval, Imaging
Dr. Judith Logan Databases
Dr. Kemal Sönmez Functional Genomics, Systems Biology
Dr. Beth Wilmot Functional Genomics, Statistical Genetics

Joint BCB Faculty

Dr. Tomi Mori Functional Genomics
Dr. Misha Pavel
Dr. Brian Roark Natural Language Processing

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. David Maier Databases, Computational Biology

Affiliate Faculty

Dr. Brian Hazlehurst NLP, Information Retrieval