NGP Core Courses

Cellular Neurophysiology
(NEUS 624, 4 Credits, Fall)

Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology
(NEUS 625, 4 Credits, Fall)

Systems Neuroscience
(NEUS 627, 4 Credits, Fall)

Neurobiology of Disease
(NEUS 626, 3 Credits, Spring every other year)

Principles of Scientific Conduct and Practice
(CON 650, 1 Credit, Fall )

Neuroscience Seminar
(NEUS 607, 2 Credits, Fall, Winter, and Spring)

Elective Courses
2017-18 JC List and Contact Information

BEHN 615

Condition, Learning and Cognition

BEHN 616

Neurobiology of Learning & Memory

BEHN 631

Comparative Functional Neuroanatomy

BEHN 618

Behavioral Neuroscience

BEHN 619

Molecular Strategies in Behavioral Research

BEHN 625

Behavioral Genetics

BEHN 627/628/629

Neuroscience of Aging

BME 665

Intro to Computational Neurophysiology

CELL 615/NEUS 627

Advanced Topics in Developmental Neuroscience

CELL 613

Tissue Biology

CELL 618

Mechanisms of Development

CELL 620

Model Systems Biology

CONJ 620

Biostatistics for Basic Science

CONJ 661

Structure/Function of Biological Molecules

CONJ 662

Genetic Mechanisms

CONJ 663


CONJ 664

Cell Structure and Function

CONJ 665

Development, Differentiation and Disease

CONJ 667

Organ Systems

CONJ 668

Molecular Biophysics and Experimental Bioinformatics

CONJ 669

Principles of Chemical Biology

CONJ 670

Foundations of Measurement Science

CONJ 671

Analysis in Quantitative Bioscience

MSCI 621

Neuroscience and Behavior

NEUS 606

Neuroscience Journal Club  Topics:  Neurophysiology, Molecular Structure, Neuroendocrinology, Hearing, Systems Neuroscience, Glial, Computational Neuroscience, Cell Neuroscience

NEUS 630

Fluorescence Microscopy Toolbox (Kaech-Petrie)

NEUS 631

Special Topics in Neuroscience (Adelman)

NEUS 633

Topics in Neuroendocrinology (Ronnekliev)

NEUS 635

Topics in Neuroscience Research (Trussell, Winter Term)

NEUS 637

Advanced Topics in Developmental Neuroscience (Copenhaver)

NEUS 638

Advanced Optical Techniques in Neuroscience (Jahr)

NEUS 642

Python Programming in Experimental Neuroscience (Buran and David, Fall Term)

PHPH 614

Neurophysiology and Pharmacology of Pain

PHPH 617

Pharmacokinetics: Drug Absorption, Distribution and Elimination

PHPH 619

Autonomic Drug Action

PHPH 620

Principle of Drug Discovery/Design

PHPH 621

The Visual System

PHPH 622

Ion Channels and Genetic Disease

BEHN – Behavioral Neuroscience

BME – Biomedical Engineering

CELL – Cell and Developmental Biology

CONJ – Program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences

PHPH – Physiology and Pharmacology