About the NGP

Welcome to the Neuroscience Graduate Program at OHSU. If you’re interested in obtaining outstanding training in neuroscience from a diverse group of highly accomplished faculty, please consider applying to our program. We encourage applicants with backgrounds in the physical sciences and engineering as well as traditional undergraduate topics such as the biological sciences.   

NGP students at OHSU conduct research in all areas of neuroscience and earn the Ph.D. degree after an average of 5 years. New students arriving at OHSU are quickly integrated into the program through our new week long ‘boot camp’ in neuroscience methods, and the annual NGP retreat, both of which precede beginning of fall classes. As time spent in the lab is the most important component of graduate science training, our program is designed such that core coursework is completed in the first year. During that first year, students also are immersed in research through lab rotations in several labs, eventually choosing one that gives a mutual fit. Because of the relatively small number of students compared to the number of neuroscience laboratories at OHSU, students have many options for a thesis lab. Our well funded faculty provide state-of-the-art exposure to the concepts and technology of modern neuroscience. 

Neuroscience Graduate Program
Oregon Health & Science University
Mail code L474
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239-3098
Phone: 503-494-5478
Fax: 503-494-4590

Program Director: Kevin Wright, Ph.D., Scientist at Vollum Institute

Program Administrator: Jessica Parks, M.Ed.