Program Organization

Program Director

Program Administrator

Executive Committee

The executive committee is responsible for the overall management of the program including annual review of student performance, curriculum and admissions.

  • Marc Freeman
  • Gary Westbrook
  • Mary Logan
  • Peter Barr-Gillespie
  • Ryan Doan (student representative)

Curriculum Committee

The curriculum committee is made up of the core curriculum course directors and one student representative who review all of the courses annually, assemble the annual written qualifying exam and plan the annual incoming student's bootcamp.

  • Ben Emery (chair)
  • John Williams
  • Philip Stork
  • Philip Copenhaver
  • Henrique von Gersdorff
  • Stephen David
  • Gary Westbrook
  • Vivek Unni
  • Yessica Santana Agreda (student representative)

Admissions Committee

The admissions committee coordinates the annual recruitment effort, application review and the recruitment event.

  • Mary Logan (co-chair)
  • Kevin Wright (co-chair)

NGP-BEHN Joint Student-Run Seminar Organizer

The NGP and Behavioral Neuroscience Graduate Program collaborate on a joint student-run seminar once a month. Presenters are students from either program and used as a way to elicit feedback or practice a talk. One student from each program coordinates the series.

  • Hannah Olson (NGP student)
  • Tommy Nahvis (BEHN student)

Social Media Organizer

Our Twitter account is managed by an active, volunteer student.

  • Tania Miramontes