Progress Evaluation

There are four junctures where student progress is evaluated:

  • At the end of the first year, students must have maintained a B average in all courses, received a B or better in each neuroscience core course, and performed satisfactorily in research rotations.
  • At the end of the core curriculum (fall term), students complete the written qualifying exam that covers material in the neuroscience core courses.
  • In the Spring of the second year, students submit an NRSA-style written document to their oral exam committee composed of four NGP faculty.  The committee examines the student in an oral exam, testing their grasp of the literature, methods, and concepts involved in the project.
  • Following the oral exam, students submit their proposed Dissertation Advisory Committee (DAC) to the NGP director who then discusses the final composition of the DAC with the student. The first DAC meeting is required within six months of the oral qual exam and every six months thereafter.
  • The final step is defense of a dissertation and graduation.