Graduates by Year

Below are the past 10 years of graduates from the program along with known information about their current positions and contact details. More details on the over 140 graduates since the programs inception in 1992 can be found under Comprehensive List of Graduates by Year.

Antoinette Foster

Erica Hanson

Jiun-Min Hsu

Emily Leff

Taylor Mighell

Leah Schwartz

Kevin Burfeind (MD/PhD)

Brian Jones

Cymon Kersch (MD/PhD)

William Hendricks

Lucille Moore

Daniela Saderi

Matthew Simon

Nathan Yoder

Reena Clements

Glynis Mattheisen

  • Thesis title: Strong G-protein-mediated inhibition of sodium channels
  • Advisor: Smith, Stephen

Heather McConnell

Itallia Pacentine

Zachary Urdang (MD/PhD)

Gabe Knoll

  • Thesis title: ICV interleukin-1β induced sickness responses are triggered by circumventricular organ fenestrated capillaries
  • Advisor: Marks
  • Contact

Benjamin Murphy-Baum

Nathan Nelson (MS)

  • Thesis title: Developmental effects of nonuniform acetylcholine receptor expression on motor neuron and synapse morphology in larval zebrafish
  • Advisor: Brehm
  • Current/Last known position: Student, Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building, Port Haldlock, WA
  • Contact

Benjamin Rakela

  • Thesis title: Astrocytic modulation of neuronal signaling in a mouse model of Rett Syndrome
  • Advisor: Brehm/Mandel
  • Current/Last known position: Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, San Francisco

Christopher Vaaga

  • Thesis title: Synaptic computations in the olfactory bulb glomerular microcircuit
  • Advisor: Westbrook
  • Current/Last known position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University
  • Contact

QiLiang Chen (MD/PhD)

Madalynn Erb

Nora Hammack (MS)

  • Thesis title: A possible neural basis for photosensitivity in chronic pain
  • Advisor: Heinricher
  • Current/Last known position: Software Engineer, Twenty
  • Contact

Gukhan Kim

  • Thesis title: Synaptic localization of SK2 channels
  • Advisor: Adelman
  • Current/Last known position: Postdoctoral Fellow, CSHL
  • Contact

Paul Kramer

Hsin-Wei Lu

  • Thesis title: Pre- and post-synaptic regulation of interneuron microcircuits in cerebellum-like structures
  • Advisor: Trussell
  • Current/Last known position: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Leuven in Belgium
  • Contact

Caitlin Monaghan

  • Thesis title: REST Corepressors 1/2: Balancing proliferation and differentiation in the developing nervous system
  • Advisor: Mandel
  • Current/Last known position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ackerman Lab, University of California, San Diego
  • Contact

Maria Purice

Danielle Robinson

Courtney Williams

Lilly Winfree

Carolina Borges-Merjane

Stephanie Gantz

Alexandria Harrold

  • Thesis title: Complex regulation of olig2 activity during spinal cord development
  • Advisor: Lee
  • Current/Last known position: Neuroscience Research Fellow, Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute
  • Contact

Jeannie Hunnicutt

Nathan Klett

Chia-Hsueh Lee

  • Thesis title: The X-ray structure of NMDA receptor
  • Advisor: Gouaux
  • Current/Last known position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Rockefeller University
  • Contact

Anne Logan

Karen Thiebes

Biliana Veleva-Rotse

Delia Chiu

Ryan Gardner

Karin Mullendorff

Derek Musashe

Dominic Siler

Karen Tonsfeldt

Pierre Apostolides

Robert Cargill

Molly Harding

Deniz Kusefoglu (MS)

Jenna Ramaker

Isabelle Baconguis

Jeremy Bushman

Daniel Cleary (MD/PhD)

Jason Deignan

Zev Einhorn

Jeffrey Hubbard

Brian Jenkins

Aya Matsui

Julia Perederiy

Kateri Spinelli

Cadence True

Evan Vickers

Michael Walogorsky

Rebecca Williams-Karnesky (MD/PhD)

Clayton Winkler

Hongyu Zhao

Amy Bruestle Packard

Wilmon Grant

Aaron Grossberg (MD/PhD)

Melissa Hernandez Kelley

Sidney Kuo

Shin Lee

Daniel Lioy-Ryan

Stephen Magill (MD/PhD)

Marnie Preston

Artur Riddle (MD/PhD)

Kimmy Su (MD/PhD)

Ilya Buldyrev

Jessica Martin

Matthew McGinley

Rebecca Mongeon

Nidia Quillinan

Emily Pratt (MD/PhD)

Rachel Sanchez Thwing

Katherine Saylor (MS)

Nicholas Vyleta

Jill Wentzell

Adrianna Andrade Focke

Anna Barsukova

Paul Focke

Bernadette Grayson

Melissa Herman

Yuil Kim

Jennifer Petersen

Joyce Wondolowski

Duane Allen

Joe Aslan

William Birdsong

Sonja Billes

  • Thesis title: Mechanism of weight loss by centrally-acting catecholaminergic drugs
  • Advisor: Cowley
  • Current/Last known position: Freelance Scientific Writer

Nicholas Oesch

Michael Pellegrino

Edmund Reese

Linda Ruggiero

Tarcisco Velho