Neuroscience Research

Neuroscience Training at OHSU

There are two neuroscience-focused PhD graduate programs at OHSU: the Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) and the Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience Graduate Program (BSN). Neuroscience is currently a very wide field of research, so having two programs with complementary expertise helps focus our students’ education in each of the subdisciplines. Although there are some differences in academic requirements, including specific courses and timing of some exams between BSN and NGP, there is robust interaction between programs, including joint faculty, a combined core curriculum, many common electives, and a student-only work-in-progress seminar series run by both BSN and NGP trainees. When choosing their best fit, prospective students should consider whether their faculty of interest is listed as a BSN or NGP faculty. If in doubt, feel free to contact individual faculty members or the program directors.

NGP Subdisciplines

Neuroscience is multidisciplinary and becoming even more so, despite the increasing technology. Thus most faculty and most projects in neuroscience no longer fit a single subdiscipline within neuroscience. That is certainly true of the NGP faculty at OHSU. Click on the name of the subdiscipline to see NGP faculty and particular areas of strength: molecular, cellular, developmental, systems/computational, and neurobiology of disease.