Electives and Seminars


Elective courses are tailored to the subspecialty and research needs of the student as determined by the student in discussion with their mentors. Students are required to take at least 12 credits of advanced electives. Three terms of Journal Clubs equals three elective credits. National and international workshops and courses can used for elective credit with approval of the NGP director.

Courses available are listed in the course catalog and graduate students are encouraged to speak to their academic mentor or program director or mentor when considering elective choices. It is possible to take graduate level courses at other institutions. 

Seminar series

An impressive variety of seminar series are offered across campus for neuroscience students including the Vollum Seminar Series, which brings in an outside scientist weekly during fall, winter, and spring terms.  The accompanying seminar course (NEUS 607) is required for first year students for training in critical reading of original literature. Every week, students read a paper from an upcoming seminar speaker and then meet to hear a student-led background presentation and roundtable discussion of the paper. Students attend the seminar and meet over lunch with the speaker after the seminar. This provides a weekly opportunity to converse with outside scientists in an informed manner and informal setting.