Pregnancy Care at OHSU Gynecology and Obstetrics

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Choosing an ob/gyn doctor for your pregnancy

Our ob-gyn doctors can provide care from pregnancy planning through the birth of your baby and beyond. We know that every birth is unique and every baby is a special gift. We are honored to be your trusted provider during this exciting time.

To make an appointment, please speak with a scheduling specialist at 503-418-4500.

Trusted expertise and information

Our providers will support you through every aspect of your pregnancy. Care from your ob-gyn doctor will include:

  • Care and screenings before pregnancy
  • Complete prenatal care for mom and baby
  • Prenatal screening and ultrasound
  • Nutritional counseling and guidance
  • Labor and birth care
  • Services and support for vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC)
  • Follow-up care including birth control, counseling and postpartum depression screening

Your partner in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important and exciting time. As your partner throughout the journey, we want you to feel comfortable in every way. We encourage you to ask questions and express your concerns and wishes. Our goal is to offer you complete information and options for care.

How our practice works

Our obstetric practice is composed of both obstetricians and certified nurse-midwives who offer all-inclusive patient-centered prenatal care. Patients are cared for by a team of one physician and one midwife. We believe the triad of patient-physician-midwife, creates a unique, well-balanced prenatal experience. We support vaginal birth including vaginal birth after cesarean section and strive to provide a safe and joyful experience. 

We work in a beautiful clinic space at the Center for Women's Health and our patients deliver in our recently renovated Labor and Delivery and Mother Baby Units at OHSU where we have someone from our care team on call 24/7.

Frequently asked questions

Doctors and certified nurse-midwives go through different systems of medical training that are complimentary in our practice. The doctors attended medical school and residency to specialize in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN), while the midwives attended nursing school and midwifery school to become certified nurse midwives.

Both provider types have experience caring for women through all phases of pregnancy and on the labor floor. We work in conjunction to provide both perspectives to our patients throughout their care, which we think is advantageous over practices where patients may only see one kind of provider. Our distinct educational backgrounds mean as a practice we are equipped with a variety of resources to support, celebrate, encourage, and comfort our patients.

Resident physicians have already earned their medical degree and are completing specialized training in OB/GYN. They are essential to the care at OHSU and work under the supervision of an OB/GYN physician. They follow you closely through your entire stay on labor and delivery and act as your physician's "right hand." Medical students are in the midst of their medical training and provide another set of eyes and ears to help. You may wonder if this is too many people involved in your care, but many find it refreshing to have so many eager, capable people on hand to greet their baby.

During labor, you will work closely with a nurse and the medical team including residents and a supervising OB/GYN physician who is in the hospital, 24/7. We will notify your provider when you come in, but if she or he is not available, the OB/GYN who is already at the hospital will be present for delivery. While our midwives are integral to your prenatal care, they are not delivering providers. You will, however, see them on the postpartum floor after you have delivered. We know labor can take time, and by working as a team, this allows us to patiently await your baby's arrival.

We encourage patients to schedule their visits out as far in advance as possible to increase the chance of meeting with their provider regularly. If your provider is not available on the day that you would like to see him or her, you will likely be seen by another provider in our group. All providers have access to your record so they are up to date on your care. We are confident in the wonderful care of all providers in the group and know you will still be well cared for even if you may have an occasional "guest star" provider during your pregnancy.

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