Mental Health and Wellness

Smiling patient in front of window with out-of-focus back of head of provider in foreground.

Our women's mental health clinicians provide evaluation, counseling, and treatment for many challenges that affect women, including perinatal mental health concerns, stress related disorders, relationship and sexual concerns, perinatal loss and bereavement.

Our counselors are an integral part of the OHSU Center for Women's Health, working together with their physician colleagues and providing support for patients, their partners and families.

We provide

  • Mental health assessment and treatment for women of all ages
  • Outpatient psychotherapy/counseling with our psychiatrist or counselors
  • Medication management (with or without counseling) by our psychiatrist
  • Second opinions on perinatal mental health and medication management for primary care doctors and other healthcare providers
  • Group cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia

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