Tour OHSU’s Family Birthing Center

OHSU’s labor and delivery suites and recovery suites are designed to make having your baby safe and comfortable. We aim to make every birth a meaningful experience. You’ll find:

  • Spacious birthing suites with jetted tubs.
  • Peaceful recovery rooms for your family to bond.
  • Should they be needed, operating rooms and a NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) just steps away.

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We want your labor and delivery to go as smoothly as possible. Seeing the place where you’ll give birth helps you prepare for the big day. You can learn where to park and how to get to OHSU Labor and Delivery. You can also learn more about our amenities.

In-person tours are not available due to COVID-19. Register for a virtual tour where we’ll answer all your questions, or watch our video tour.

You will always remember the birth of your baby. This tour of OHSU’s Family Birth Center will show you what to expect throughout your delivery and recovery.

Labor and delivery check-in

After checking in at the nurses’ desk, you will most likely be taken to a triage room. Here, an experienced nurse will take care of your immediate needs and the team will assess how far along your labor is.

You may:

  • Be admitted and taken to a birthing suite.
  • Be asked to walk around for a while and then reassessed.
  • Be sent home where you can be comfortable in the early stages of labor.

A stay in triage usually lasts less than two hours. You can expect:

  • A review of your goals and your birth plan.
  • Experienced nurses dedicated to supporting you in labor.

Triage rooms feature:

  • Free WiFi
  • Room service
  • A family waiting room nearby
  • Nearby coffee and dining options for visitors

Family Birth Center (birthing suites)

Once you are in active labor, a nurse will take you to one of our private birthing suites. These have room for your birth partner and one visitor. They also feature bathrooms with jetted tubs.

Respect for your birth plan: Your care team will be guided by your choices.

Experienced nurses: Your nurses have specialized training to support you throughout labor and birth.

Wireless monitors: If we need to track your baby’s heartbeat, you won’t have to stay in bed. Our wireless monitors let us hear the baby at all times while you move freely around your room. Our handheld monitors let us check your baby’s heartbeat anywhere you move.

Pain relief options: All rooms have birth balls, squat bars and jetted tubs to make your labor more comfortable. Nurses and nurse-midwives can often help with guided breathing and massage. An anesthesiologist is always on-site to offer pain relief tailored to your needs.

Water birth: If you’re planning a water birth with a nurse-midwife, a birthing tub will be brought to your room.

NICU: If your baby needs special care, our advanced Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is just down the hall.

Bonding time: Right after birth, if you and your baby are healthy, you will spend about two hours recovering and bonding before moving to our Mother Baby Unit.

Infant health exam: A nurse will examine your baby before you move to the recovery suite.

You can make the birthing suite your own. The rooms are spacious with large windows, overlooking trees or campus buildings. Our options allow you to:

  • Stream music on our system or bring your own speaker
  • Adjust the volume on hospital machines
  • Adjust the room temperature
  • Dim the lights and adjust the blinds
  • Turn screens on hospital machines off or away

You’ll also find:

  • A chair or bed for your support person
  • A gown to labor in if you like
  • Birth balls and stools
  • An adjustable bed with a squat bar
  • A jetted tub and detachable showerhead in your private bathroom
  • Free WiFi
  • Room service
  • A family waiting room with toys and vending machines
  • Nearby coffee and dining options for visitors

We offer state-of-the-art operating rooms near our birthing rooms. In addition, regardless of whether your C-section is scheduled, you’ll have:

  • A nurse who stays with you during preparation, birth and recovery.
  • The option of having your support person in the room during surgery.
  • The option of playing music in the operating room, unless it’s an emergency situation.
  • Specialized care teams to care for you and your baby.
  • A team that makes every effort to have healthy moms and babies recover together.

Mother Baby Unit (after-birth suites)

After your baby is born, you’ll go to one of our recovery suites to rest and bond with your baby.

Rooming-in: Your baby will stay in the room with you 24/7. This allows for frequent skin-to-skin contact, promoting bonding.

Space for your birth partner: Rooms have comfortable built-in beds for your birth partner. The two of you will be served a celebratory meal.

Recovery care: Experienced nurses will help you rest and recover. They’ll make sure you’re well-fed. They’ll also include you and your partner in infant care.

24-hour breastfeeding support: Our nurses have special training to help with breastfeeding.  Certified lactation consultants can visit your room and help you get started.

  • Free WiFi
  • Most rooms have a private bathroom
  • Bassinet supplies and diapers for your baby
  • Breastfeeding supplies
  • TVs with on-demand programming
  • Sophisticated security system
  • Family waiting room with toys and vending machines
  • Nearby coffee and dining options for visitors

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