Tools For Your Patients

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Educational and advocacy materials

War on Melanoma educational materials

You can view and share educational and advocacy materials with your patients and in your clinics. These materials include:

  • Melanoma Early Detection Flyer
  • Melanoma Early Detection Brochure
  • Melanoma Early Detection Business Cards
  • Sun Safety Rack Card
  • Sun Safety (Sun Fun) Poster
  • War on Melanoma Brochure
  • American Academy of Dermatology informational flyers

Visit our Education and Advocacy Materials page.

MoleMapper™ iPhone mole tracking app

MoleMapper™ iPhone application logo

MoleMapper™ is an iPhone app that lets users take control of their skin health from their smartphone. Using MoleMapper™, your patients can photograph, map, and measure moles over time, allowing them to detect potentially harmful changes in their skin. Furthermore, they can also share these images with their providers in their visits, providing a valuable visual tool to help analyze potentially harmful changes.

You can direct patients to to learn more and download. You can also share the MoleMapper™ rack card.

If you are interested in promoting MoleMapper™ in your clinics, please contact and we can send you physical materials.

Melanoma e-learning module

Take the melanoma e-module training

Your patients can learn more about melanoma in an interactive e-learning module format. This module aims to inform the general public about key melanoma information such as:

  • The importance of melanoma early detection
  • Melanoma risk factors
  • What to look for (melanoma symptoms)
  • How to look for melanoma (self-screening guidelines)
  • What to do if they find something concerning

Visit Melanoma E-Learning Module page.

Melanoma Community Registry

Join the Melanoma Community Registry

Patients that are looking for a way to fight against melanoma can join the Melanoma Community Registry. The registry is primarily made up of past melanoma patients, caregivers, or friends/family members of someone affected by the disease, although all are welcome to join regardless of health history.

The Melanoma Community Registry is an IRB-approved cohort, that is a major resource of volunteers used to fight the War on Melanoma™. Registry members will receive information about future melanoma-related projects, educational events, research participation, volunteer opportunities, and more.

Registering is easy: direct your patients to Melanoma Community Registry page (or, where they will select register, fill in a few short data forms, and submit.

Dermatology e-visits

Make an e-visit appointment at OHSU Dermatology.

For patients unable to receive dermatological care due to geographical or physical limitations, OHSU Dermatology offers E-visit appointments.

These E-visits allow anyone with a computer and internet access to securely upload pictures of skin issues that they are concerned with. A dermatology provider then reads these concerns and provides follow-up recommendations.

These appointments are cash-only and will be billed at the time of appointment.

To learn more, schedule a dermatology E-visit, visit OHSU's Dermatology E-Visit page.

Find a dermatologist

Find a dermatologist

Patients that are looking to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, but do not have established care or know where they can find one, can utilize the American Academy of Dermatology's "Find a Dermatology" search.

Search for a dermatology provider by city, state or zip code, by visiting Find a Dermatologist.