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Our team is your team! We have staff and materials to support your outreach efforts to both clients and colleagues.

While skin cancer may be serious, promoting awareness can be exciting and even fun, when done thoughtfully. You Skin Crew members are a creative group. We encourage you to express this creativity and join forces to save lives. We can help you host events, collaborate with businesses and schools in your communities, share ideas for Zoom and in-person workshops, and connect with others in the Skin Crew.

When you’re ready to brainstorm with the staff at OHSU Dermatology, send an email to skincrew@ohsu.edu.

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After you complete the Skinny on Skin course, you’ll get a packet of materials in the mail, including:

FOR CLIENTS:  “Client Cards”: folded business cards that are packet with info, for handing to clients with concerning moles.

FOR COLLEAGUES: "Postcards": a postcard handout that encourages skin-aware professionals to join the Skin Crew. Spread the word to your peers, schools, communities!

FOR YOUR BUSINESS: "Member Stickers": stickers that say you’re a member of the OHSU SKIN CREW. Frame it and put on your wall or shelf, stick it to your mirror or other surface. Display your commitment to the health and well being of others.

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After you complete the Skinny on Skin training, click on the thumbnail to download a graphic that you can use on social media. You can also print it, make stickers, display it, whatever you want. Be creative and get the word out about the War on Melanoma and your role as a member of the OHSU Skin Crew.

We need your help with outreach. Tell us who the influencers are in your community, town or city. We can work together to reach them and make them part of the Skin Crew. Think of the local beauty or massage school owners, the busy salons and barber shops,

Check out some sample social media posts below!

Social Media

Follow along on social media! Flaunt your additional Skin Crew expertise, share posts to your online communities, keep up to date with melanoma skin cancer information, invite peers to join the skin crew.

Instagram: @the_skincrew  |  @startseeingmelanoma_ohsu
Facebook: @The Skin Crew  |  @startseeingmelanoma

Share or create your own posts

Use the images and text below to post skin crew social media on your own page! You can also feel free to add your own photos and story, just make sure to tag #skincrew #startseeingmelanoma #waronmelanoma !

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Are you a professional who works closely with skin in your line of work? If so, join the #SkinCrew and help eliminate skin cancer deaths in Oregon!

OHSU has created a free training designed for skin care/health professionals — hair dressers, massage therapists, estheticians, tattoo artists (to name a few) — to help spot warning signs of potentially cancerous spots. Spotting something that doesn't look right, and encouraging follow-up care can save a life! Visit www.startseeingmelanoma.com/skincrew.

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Are you a skin-aware professional? You could save a life with a keen eye and a willingness to speak up. If you notice skin changes on a client, tell them and encourage them to visit their healthcare provider. Join the #SkinCrew.

Learn more: www.startseeingmelanoma.com/skincrew/

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I'm an official member of OHSU's #SkinCrew! I've completed additional training on how to spot skin cancers, and am committed to keeping my client's safe - if I see something that doesn't look right, I'll let you know! Including how to seek follow-up care. It's all about keeping our communities safe!

If you're interested in learning more, you can visit: www.startseeingmelanoma.com/skincrew