Skinny On Skin eLearning

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A skin cancer training for professionals who work with skin

In your profession, you are uniquely positioned to spot skin cancer. Clients visit on a recurring basis, and you are often familiar with the way their skin looks on areas they may not see (neck, scalp and back), where melanoma can go undetected.

OHSU Dermatology has partnered with IMPACT Melanoma to bring you "The Skinny On Skin", an online eLearning course providing education about melanoma, how to identify suspicious moles, and how to talk to clients about getting things checked with a healthcare provider.  This course should take 30-45 minutes and should cover learning goals of:

  • Identifying melanoma risks
  • Recognizing melanoma warning signs
  • How to talk to clients about suspicious moles

To learn more about IMPACT Melanoma, you can visit IMPACT Melanoma and the  IMPACT Melanoma's Skinny On Skin page.

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