Get Involved

Nearly 200,000 Americans are expected to be diagnosed with melanoma in 2019. To combat this, we need to take decisive action to enhance awareness and knowledge so people know what to look for, how to look, and what to do if they find something. 

If you are interested in fighting against melanoma, in any way, please consider registering for our volunteer program. Registering does not commit you to anything, but offers the best way to view, sign up, and track opportunities.

To view instructions on how to register, you can view our Volunteer page. Examples of volunteer opportunities include:

Share social media

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Spread the love to your social communities -- by reminding them to check themselves for skin cancers

Share melanoma early detection posts to your followers, or make it your own with your own personal touch using #startseeingmelanoma and #waronmelanoma.

Visit our social media toolkit for some sample posts, or follow our Facebook and Instagram for more up-to-date posts you can share.

Distribute materials

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Spread the word in person using downloadable/printable materials!

Visit Education and Advocacy Materials page.

Unable to print these materials? Contact to connect about having physical materials shipped to you.

Host a table/event

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From health fares, to farmers markets, to book clubs and anything in between! Utilize our booth-in-a-box to easily advocate for melanoma early detection. 

Our team is able to provide materials, guidance and potentially additional staffing for your event! If you're interested (even if you don't have an idea on how yet), lets connect and we can work out a plan together! Email us at

Additional ways to get involved

Join the Melanoma Community Registry

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The Melanoma Community Registry is a major resource of volunteers used to fight the War on Melanoma™. Join the registry to stay informed on opportunities to engage in research, events, current news and more.

Visit Melanoma Community Registry page.

Donate to the War on Melanoma™

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Without contributions from generous donors, we are unable to do much of the critical work to reduce melanoma deaths in Oregon and beyond.

If you, a family member, or a loved one has been personally affected by melanoma, and you would like to fight back, please consider a contribution to the War on Melanoma™. Your gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

To donate, please visit the OHSU Foundation page.

Upcoming melanoma events

A group photo at an event

Learn about melanoma community events as soon as they are posted by visiting our Melanoma Events page.