We've launched a War on Melanoma™ to eliminate melanoma as a cause of death

Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, has seen incidence rates increase over the past three decades. Over 96, 000 new cases of melanoma in the U.S. are estimated in 2019 alone, with Oregon ranking in the top 10 of incidence rates in both men and women.

In order to fight this disease, we must take decisive action. When melanomas are detected early, survival rates are great — if undetected, it becomes increasingly fatal over time. The War on Melanoma™ is a comprehensive strategy that will attack melanoma on all fronts, but has a primary focus on this link between early detection of melanoma leading to improved survivorship.

Learn more about specific ways to participate in the War on Melanoma™:

Learn about melanoma

Learn about melanoma

Get involved

Get involved with the War on Melanoma

Join the Melanoma Community Registry

Join the Melanoma Community Registry

For skincare professionals

War on Melanoma™ for skincare professionals


Learn about melanoma resources

For medical professionals

War on Melanoma™ for medical professionals

The War on Melanoma™ is an all-fronts effort to eliminate melanoma in Oregon and beyond, brought to you by the OHSU Department of Dermatology and Knight Cancer Institute.

The War on Melanoma™ has launched a public health campaign to get Oregonians to Start Seeing Melanoma™! Visit the Start Seeing Melanoma webpage to learn more.