Melanoma Early Detection Training

This melanoma training will provide you with information and resources to equip you to provide screenings for skin cancer, detect melanoma early, and empower patients with provided educational resources. To accommodate individual schedules, the training is available as an online self-guided set of modules, containing a series of short video lectures and interactive eLearning modules.

These modules are followed by a test on knowledge and melanoma diagnosis through image identification.

Note: If you are a visiting doctor, scholar, non-OHSU student, non-OHSU trainee, intern, non-research volunteer or other affiliate of OHSU, you will first need to complete and submit the Compass online request form to acquire a log-in for the training.

Step 1: Create a Compass account if you don't already have a Compass or OHSU account
Step 2: Use your Compass account to log into the training
Step 3: Once logged into compass, use the search bar and type in "Melanoma". Select "Toolkit for Melanoma Early Detection"
Step 4: Launch and complete Melanoma Early Detection Training

Learning objectives:

  1. Identify which patients need to be screened based on risk level
  2. Recognize suspicious lesions: what needs to be biopsied
  3. Recognize which patients should be referred
  4. Interpret biopsy results

The information presented is relevant to primary care providers and a broad range of non-dermatologists.

What is the Melanoma Early Detection Training?

The Melanoma Early Detection Training was developed to increase melanoma-specific knowledge and diagnostic ability for non-dermatology medical providers. Providers can participate in-person (once a year), or online by using self-guided online modules. See learning objectives and training page for more information.

Why was it created?

The War on Melanoma™ has launched a statewide public health campaign on the early detection of melanoma. Due to the relatively small amount of trained dermatologists, primary care providers see exponentially more patients thus making this a key audience to help prevent melanoma deaths through detecting them early. We want to ensure providers who feel the need to improve their knowledge on skin cancers/skin exams have access to do so via the Melanoma Early Detection Toolkit


For any questions or concerns relating to the melanoma provider training, please contact:

Elizabeth Stoos, M.Ed

Content contributors

This training was developed with input, assets and content from the following contributors:

  • National Primary Care Training in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
  • INFORMED Curriculum; Martin Weinstock, M.D., Brown University
  • Laura Ferris, M.D., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
  • Karen Edison, M.D., and Emily Hoffman-Smith, M.D., University of Missouri
  • Visual Perception Training; Steve Xu, M.D., MS.c., Northwestern Medicine Feinberg School of Medicine
    • Visual Perception Training was developed by Rebecca Xu, Andrew Choi MD, June Robinson MD, and Shuai Xu MD. It is copyrighted by Northwestern University and available with written permission from the developers.