Educational Videos

Skin Safety Boot Camp

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Dr. Sancy Leachman and Julie Dhossche present a crash course on what you need to know to keep yourself and your families safe from skin cancer.

Dr. Leachman TED-Style Talk

Dr. Leachman gives a short presentation on the War on Melanoma

Dr. Leachman outlines the origins of her training and the War on Melanoma efforts, to where it is today.

Advanced Imaging and Skin Cancers

OHSU doctors present a talk on advanced imaging for skin cancer diagnosis

Drs. Alexander Witkowski and Joanna Ludzik give a behind the scenes view of the new technologies being used to detect skin cancers. Dermatopathologist Jina Chung joins for a comparison of pathology for traditional biopsied lesions.

Diagnosing Melanoma: What You Need to Know

A thumbnail of the MRA meeting Diagnosing Melanoma

Dr. Sancy Leachman presents "Diagnosing Melanoma: What You Need to Know" at the 2021 Melanoma Research Alliance Patient Forum.

Dr. John Vetto TED-Style Talk

Dr. John Vetto presents a short talk on skin cancer surgery

Dr. John Vetto presents a TED-Style Melanoma Talk at the 2018 PDX Skincare Festival, describing his experience as a medical trainee and how far melanoma treatment has come since then, and thoughts on improvement in the future.

Surgery for Skin Cancer

Dr. Anna Bar presents a talk on surgery

Drs. Anna Bar and Dale Han outline surgical options for the treatment of melanoma skin cancers, including Mohs micrographic surgery and oncologic surgery.

Investigating Clinical Trials

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Melanoma program experts Drs. Leachman, Han, Kohn and others outline what clinical trials are, and their role in the advancement of melanoma research and care.