Volunteer Testimonials

A screengrab of an instagram post by a Start Seeing Melanoma volunteer

"Basically volunteering to put the word out there about Melanoma. Because... well we need to #startseeingmelanoma My mom died of Melanoma cancer in her 50s about 13 years ago, since then I have tried to keep up with the research and protect myself against the same odds."

-Liz Hasty, Start Seeing Melanoma volunteer

A portrait photo of Marcia Walsh

Portland business-woman Marcia Walsh and her family were the first to support the OHSU War on Melanoma™. Their initial gift made the technology, research and staffing possible to create the Melanoma Community Registry, which has grown to nearly 9,000 members since 2014, as well as the Let’s Get Healthy™ skin cancer education modules for schools – resulting in 2,500 people assessing their sun-safety “score” and learning about cancer risks.

In addition to her own support, Marcia has tirelessly led the effort to raise money for the statewide advertising campaign, which launched in May 2019 and has resulted in over 15 Million advertising impressions in Oregon to date.

Marcia is driven by her personal motivation for success of the War on Melanoma™ public health campaign:

“Once your life has been touched by cancer, specifically melanoma — and then it’s your 26 year old daughter — nothing is the same! Ever again! Melanoma is a scary disease because no one really seems to understand or realize how deadly it can be. And it’s the only one we can see and detect with our very own eyes!

We can make a huge difference in reducing death by spreading the awareness. This is why I am so committed to making a difference!”