Spread the Word

A melanoma survivor and her scar.

Informing our communities to Start Seeing Melanoma

In order to reach as many people as possible with critical information on melanoma, we are relying on a network of melanoma advocates, medical providers, and skin health professionals to amplify our message. Keep those around you safe by informing family, friends, and your community about critical melanoma information.

By getting involved, you are playing a key part in reducing the amount of deaths caused by melanoma in your community, in Oregon, and beyond.

Share digital materials

Spread the word utilizing images, flyers, videos, and links via your social media channels or email.

Visit Social Media Toolkit page.

Visit Education and Advocacy Materials page (share the link to this page, or share individual files by clicking on the images on this page, and copy/pasting their URL's!)

Become a volunteer

Join the fight against melanoma by "Becoming a Fan" in our community outreach league.

Visit Volunteer page.

Expand your melanoma knowledge

To fight the enemy, one must first learn about the enemy! Complete online E-learnings, and share them to applicable audiences.

Distribute physical materials

Spread the word using these downloadable/printable materials.

Visit Education and Advocacy Materials page.

Unable to print these materials? Contact waronmelanoma@ohsu.edu to connect about having physical materials shipped to you.

Join the Melanoma Community Registry

The Melanoma Community Registry is a major resource of volunteers used to fight the War on Melanoma™. Join the registry to stay informed on opportunities to engage in research, volunteer, attend events, and more.

Visit Melanoma Community Registry page.

Additional educational/advocacy resources