Get Sklip (Skin Crew)

A doctor uses a special imaging device to check a mole for skin cancer

OHSU Skin Crew members can receive a Sklip phone-attachment dermatoscope for FREE for use in your office/practice. The Sklip device is the quickest way to get your client medical feedback on a mole that you believe could be concerning for skin cancer. It is a powerful tool for encouraging your clients to seek follow-up care!

This Sklip is a dermatoscope - a medical grade tool used to identify suspicious moles. It clips onto a smart phone and uses its camera. Paired with the Sklip app, anyone can upload images anonymously and get an affordable assessment from a dermatologist within 24 hours. They’ll let you know if the mole needs to be checked in person or not. Photos can also be emailed to one’s own dermatologist.

How to get your own Sklip

  • Join the Skin Crew by taking the FREE Skinny on Skin Course.
  • Send an EMAIL to: to request your SKLIP (name, address, phone)
  • If you are a skin-related SCHOOL or BUSINESS, let us know – we may have other resources for you

You can view instructions below on how to use your Sklip in your work. We also will provide training before you use your new Sklip.

STEP 1: Order your SKLIP and download the app on your phone.

STEP 2: Watch the training video, and practice. Learn how to use the free codes (one per mole) that you’ll get along with your SKLIP.

STEP 3: At work, if you see a suspicious mole on a client, tell them you can help them take a medical-quality photo. Pull out your SKLIP device and one of your SKLIP Code Cards.

STEP 4: Show your client how to download the SKLIP APP on their phone. Use the code on the card to help them create an anonymous account. You will USE THEIR PHONE to take the photos.

STEP 5: Take two photos. First, take one without the SKLIP, 8-10 inches from the mole (a “clinical” photo). Then CLIP THE SKLIP onto your client’s phone and follow the device instructions (a “dermascopy” photo).

STEP 6: Go to the SKLIP APP on your client’s phone. Work together with your client to follow the instructions on how to upload the two images of the one mole. Remind them that they’ll get a coded mole analysis result from a dermatologist within 24 hours.

STEP 7: The next time you see your client, show support. Ask about their result. Encourage them to see a doctor if their result suggested this.

Taking a Clear Image with your Sklip Device
Demonstration: Using the Sklip app