Dermoscopy Telehealth Series

A doctor examines a patient's skin with an imaging device

Dermoscopy and eConsults: Connecting with Dermatology Through Telehealth

Join OHSU Melanoma Program Faculty for a monthly webinar designed to educate and empower non-dermatology providers to detect lesions suspicious for skin cancer using dermoscopy.

Review practice pearls, illustrative examples and interactive case review. We also welcome user-submitted cases for discussion.


  • To become competent in clinical history and examination relevant for other than dermatology specialty skin cancer screening setting, including spot checks of concern.
  • To use, understand and interpret dermoscopy and the information arising.
  • To employ clinical photography and teledermoscopy in patient assessment and diagnosis for skin cancer.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the value of dermoscopy in the context of the clinical assessment of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions.  
  2. To use a dermatoscope and describe the key features observed with it; identify suspicious skin lesions using the '3-point checklist' and make lesion-specific diagnosis using pattern recognition.  
  3. To take, store and review digital images of particular suspect lesions.  

To understand the key features of melanocytic nevi using a classification based on dermoscopy, and the key features of melanoma using a classification system.