For Urology Students and Trainees

Residency program

Our residency program attracts competitive candidates with outstanding qualifications from top training centers around the country. Each year we receive several hundred applicants for three incoming positions.

Visiting medical student program

The visiting medical student program is intended for fourth-year students considering a career in Urology. Students function in a sub-intern role with house staff and faculty on the urology service and participate in all educational activities of the OHSU urology program.

Diversity and Inclusion

The OHSU Department of Urology is committed to providing the finest urologic training available and producing urologists with expertise in all aspects of medical and surgical care.

We are committed to a training environment inclusive of all cultures, languages, socioeconomic backgrounds, racial and ethnic backgrounds, disabilities, religions, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, medical training (osteopathic and allopathic) and other areas in a manner that promotes diversity in our future urologic leaders.

We provide mentorship and support to our residents as well as opportunities to work with diverse patient populations.  We are developing training and education surrounding diversity/equity/inclusion and healthcare disparities to promote these values within the department. Visit the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to learn more.

Scholarship for URiM Urology rotation

OHSU is proud to offer two scholarships for visiting students from underrepresented backgrounds in medicine (Black, African American, LatinX and Hispanic)

  1. We are pleased to announce the American Bladder Cancer Society Medical Student Scholarship. This fund will provide an annual stipend of $3000 to underrepresented minority students who do visiting rotations in urology at OHSU. We thank the American Bladder Cancer Society for their generous donation and commitment to our support for diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of urology.
  2. The OHSU Department of Urology also offers Financial assistance (A grant of $2500) to help cover the significant expense of doing an away rotation.