Salary and Benefits


The salary levels for residents/fellows for the 2021-2022 academic year are listed below. The annual salary is dependent upon the level of postgraduate training the resident/fellow has completed within the United States. The Urology department will pay for loupes for residents and a copy of the newest edition of Campbell & Walsh Urology. Additionally, residents are allotted an educational stipend per year that can be used to attend conferences.

Training level salary

PGY1                                     $60,364

PGY2                                     $63,249

PGY3                                     $66,238

PGY4                                     $69,533

PGY5                                     $73,242

Health insurance

House officers are given an "allowance" from OHSU to cover the cost of group insurance programs sponsored by the university.

Retirement plan

The House Officer Retirement Plan is a 457(b) plan paid by OHSU that includes an "Employer" account in which eligible interns and residents are given the opportunity to create an asset allocation portfolio offered by Fidelity Investments. If you have questions, you may contact the OHSU Retirement Team at 503 494-7483.

Liability insurance

This is provided to the house officer through the State of Oregon, covering all duties and acts performed within the scope of the training program.

Parking space

A space is always assured for every house officer at a reduced cost.

Paid vacation

Four weeks of annual paid vacation (not cumulative from year to year).

    Sick leave

    Three weeks with pay annually for absence from service that is due to illness, bodily injury, necessity for medical or dental care, or because of illness or death in the immediate family of the house officer or the house officer's spouse. It is cumulative throughout the term of service of the house officer.

    Public transportation

    Bus passes and "MAX" light-rail services are provided at substantially reduced prices.

    For more details about benefits, please visit Graduate Medical Education.

    Additional benefits

    • The Program will reimburse up to $900 for residents to purchase one pair of surgical loupes. 
    • Residents are allotted an educational travel stipend per year that can be used to attend conferences they have been invited to participate. 
    • Residents are unionized through AFSCME. More information can be found at